Jason Kessler and the White Supremacy Psyop

Today the corporate media will link Trump to the white supremacist idiots preparing to square off against equally stupid Marxists and Antifa thugs in Lafayette Square near the White House. 

Prior to the event, Trump made sure to condemn racism and violence. But this doesn’t matter. The Donald could be the reincarnation of Mother Teresa and the Marxist and prog idiots would still want him dead. 

This whole thing is a set-up. The organizer of  “Unite the Right 2” is a former Obama supporter who now declares America must be saved from Blacks and Jews. This 180 ideological pivot is quite unbelievable and convincingly builds the case Kessler is an agent provocateur.

Not that this matters to the Marxists and progs. They need somebody to hate and Kessler is a custom-made—and government approved—choice. 

Last week members of the so-called Alt-right denounced Kessler. They want to let us know they’re not associated with Kessler and the racists. 

Not that it matters. The establishment media has pounded home the message anybody who supports Trump is a racist, a Nazi, and there is only one response to these people—a bicycle lock upside the head. There will be blood and it will be blamed on Trump and the New Right. 

The Washington Post ran an article on Kessler:

A decade ago, he worked the phones at night for Secrest Strategic Services, the now-defunct Democratic polling outfit. He voted for Barack Obama in 2008. He spent time at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Charlottesville in 2011, until he was kicked out for trying to register homeless people, according to Luis Oyola, a fellow Occupy activist. He lived for a time in government-subsidized housing in Charlottesville with a roommate who was African and Muslim, according to a public Facebook post written by a former college friend, Jenny Rebecca.

The Post doesn’t comment on Kessler’s unlikely conversion from supporter of the first black president to self-proclaimed leader of a gaggle of white supremacists. But the purpose of the article is not to point out glaring incongruities in the storyline, but rather to conflate Kessler’s alleged racism with Trump and his supporters. This is why Trump came out beforehand and said he opposes all racism. 

For those of us who are students of real history—what the corporate media dismissively calls alternative facts—the Kessler Psyop is old news. 

This is a standard tactic used by the state to discredit and destroy political opposition. It did it with the Ku Klux Klan—many if not most klaverns were run by FBI agents and informers—and did it with Hal Turner, the white supremacist radio talkshow host who worked for the FBI. 

A few of the older Marxists and progressives undoubtedly remember COINTELPRO, the FBI covert operation to destroy the so-called New Left in the 1960s and early 70s. 

How times change. Now many of them support the FBI and intelligence agencies simply because they are trying to destroy Trump with phony dossiers and rumors of bed-wetting in the company of call girls. 

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual—the wars continue and expand, the bankers and corporatists have a blank check to rig the economy, and a looming economic crisis threatens to crush the nation and turn future generations into debt slaves. 

Trump is little different than Obama. He filled his administration with insiders, CFR operatives, and Goldman Sachs bankers. 

Unite the Idiot Right is a psychological operation. It is designed to keep the idiot right and the mindless and violent Left at each other’s throats. It’s designed to make sure they are unable to realize their political objectives. It is a pretext for draconian future activity—laws passed against “hate speech,” social media lockouts, and website takedowns. Idiots fighting in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House will help build a case that censorship and political repression are in order—to save democracy from the likes of Kessler and Putin. 

After the New Right is taken down, the state will focus on the leftists, just like they did forty-five years ago. 

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4 thoughts on “Jason Kessler and the White Supremacy Psyop

  1. What’s amazing is how when you turn most of the media off, much of this just really doesn’t matter. As the saying goes, “if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, did the tree fall?”

    Ignore these numbskulls. Why are we supposed to care about or give them attention? There are people dying from vaccines. People being made sick from increasing WiFi. Who cares about people obsesses with race? Don’t give them the time of day. Don’t give them one word of print. Let them fizzle because this would only happen in their part of the world with no one else paying attention.

    If I didn’t read about this here, I’d not have a single clue or know it was happening. No, I don’t live under a rock. Where I live, this garbage isn’t happening and no one talks about it.

    1. Most people don’t have a clue, and the rulers like to keep it that way. These made-for-TV conflicts are setting the stage for something worse, and it’s better to talk with your friends and neighbors and wake them up before it happens.

  2. This is a comment I left regarding an AmericanFreePress article PROMOTING the D.C. rally ……. One must question the integrity of AFP for such a story.
    Jason Kessler is/was a socialist democrat and Obama supporter until the day Trump got elected.
    How obvious is it that he and anything he touches is controlled-opposition ?
    If you are at all conservative, support Trump or the idea of MAGA, DO NOT go anywhere near this controlled-opposition event.
    The Alt-Right is controlled by Israel and Russia.
    Don’t be a ‘useful-idiot’ ……… Stay away from ALL Alt-right events.
    Hold your own event and dissallow the Alt-Right and condemn them for what they really are while you’re at it.
    No Alt-Right, No Antifa, No Nazis, No Commies……..
    Wake up !
    They had posted a link to a Kevin Barrett article back in August of 2017 in which Kevin compares Charlottesville to Cointelpro and Operation Gladio …… Go figure.

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