Democrats: Greens and Russia Push Republican Over the Top in Ohio

It’s amazing how delusional Americans are, especially Democrats, although Republicans suffer from their own hallucinations and demons. 

The latest example—a special election in Ohio.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Ohio’s 12th congressional district is too close to call. Republican Troy Balderson has 101,566 votes, and Democrat Danny O’Connor has 99,800. Green Party candidate Joe Manchik is a distant third, with 1,127 votes.

Liberals—even green ones—are expected to follow the lead of the DNC and vote straight Democrat. It’s treason to do otherwise. It’s an attack on our democracy. 

Twitter was aflame with outraged Democrats suffering from a serious illness—the Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Chris Menahan over at Information Liberation posted an extensive screen capture sample of these overly splenetic tweets, many twinged with a sort of political schizophrenia—for instance, seeing Nazis where there are none. 

How to explain this run-off election loss?

It’s the Russians. 

This is the new real. If you lose an election because people reject your party—the party that destroys rival candidates—it must be Putin and the Russians. They insist this represents a serious threat to our “democracy” (which is also a schizophrenic hallucination). 

I really thought by now this fallacious and bizarre conspiracy theory would have evaporated under the harsh and penetrating light of reality—there is virtually zero evidence—but it continues to live, fed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the rest of the script-reading propaganda media. 

Here’s the real story. Millions of voters are sick and tired of political deception and lies. They voted for Trump not because he’s a white nationalist or the New Hitler, but because he promised to drain the swamp, end the wars, and bring fiscal sanity back to government. 

Trump voters were played, of course, same as voters have been played, betrayed, taken for granted, fleeced, and otherwise either ignored or abused for decades. 

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