Left Loses Its Mind Defending the Racism of Sarah Jeong

According to Jessica Prois over at HuffPost—the leftist website owned by the transnational corporation America Online—Sarah Jeong has all the right in the world to be a white-hating racist.

Her racism—against whites, especially white males—is apparently OK with The New York Times where she was recently hired as an editorialist. 

Ms. Prois is also Asian. In order to make her point, she dredges up the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. She—and her SJW brethren—believe this sort of pernicious nonsense is still alive and well in America. 

“While Jeong’s tweets for the most part have been willfully misinterpreted by chuckling online opportunists, surely at least some of the outrage is due to the belief that Asians are supposed to be docile, even about racism,” Prois writes. “We are supposed to just forbear. Asians are successful, the argument goes; Asians benefit from their adjacency to whiteness―as if that inoculates us against racism.”

See how this works? Because the state passed a racist law in the 1880s, all white people—especially white men—are complicit to this day in racism (and sexism and homophobia). 

It’s a corollary to the Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Ms. Prois apparently believes Asian women have all the right in the world to hate white males and it is acceptable to call for their mass murder. 

Prois and Jeong blame “white institutional power” for this supposed racism. 

Here’s what these intellectual midgets miss. The state and its owners—the financial elite—don’t care about race, sex, gender identity, and babies torn from their mothers at the border. 

All they care about is raw power. 

And they will do whatever it takes to safeguard that monopoly, even if it means coopting and manipulating “social warriors” who have more in common with a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan than Thomas Jefferson. 

Ms. Jeong is a tool. I’m not sure she realizes this, so consumed is she with her hatred and desire to ethnically cleanse an entire race of people. 

Normally, people like Jeong get their fifteen minutes of fame while swimming in the cesspool of social media and then submerge, lost in the screaming and swirling cacophony of hatred and insult until another tweet is fished out and thrown up as clickbait. 

The Left is being played—as usual. 

The New York Times needs haters like Jeong to incite and distract the collectivist masses as they strive to depose the New Hitler, Donald Trump, who if left to his devices will round up all pink-haired Asians like Jeong and shove them in crematoria ovens. 

This derangement and paranoia is stoked by the establishment media. 

Democrats, upon regaining the House and possibly the Senate, will exploit “social justice” in order to neuter and criminalize the so-called Right. For the SJW collectivists anybody to the right of Michael Moore is a goose-stepping, brown-shirted Nazi—not that these SJW lemmings know the difference between a real Nazi and somebody who is opposed to abortion or defends the Second Amendment and the Constitution. 

It remains to be seen if the NYT will put a leash on Jeong or if her hateful diatribes will now become common fare at the premier propaganda newspaper.

One thing is certain. The ruling elite will continue to exploit this sort of hateful and racist nonsense for one simple reason—it works. It fans the flames of the Trump Derangement Syndrome and keeps people fighting over imaginary devils and the injustice of white skin as they are fleeced and raped by a collectivist state. 

Let’s see if Sarah Jeong fights the real power—most of the hidden elite are white and male—or if she confines her seething rage to innocent people who came into this world with white skin and penises. 

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5 thoughts on “Left Loses Its Mind Defending the Racism of Sarah Jeong

  1. She probably also believes that the US and South Korea started the Korean War, and that North Korea is a “worker’s paradise” !

  2. A good primer is to remove the word “white” and put any other race in its place. Now imagine a white person is saying it. Is it racist?

    Then the original statement was too.

  3. What really pisses me off is the claims she was responding to a “torrent” of abuse a torrent apparently meaning two tweets. Even then done of her abuse was before either tweet.

    Even if that were true what would sprouting racist abuse against whites achieve other than proving the alt-right correct? She’s a tech journalist who didn’t understand that Twitter was public. Her appointment can only be seen as dashing”whites don’t matter to us”. Good to know.

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