Chomsky, Israel, Marginalia, and the Russian Influence Scam

For conservatives, Noam Chomsky is a Marxist who should be dismissed out hand. For so-called truthers, he is a nine-eleven denier.

However, for all the priceless information he has given us, I can forgive Chomsky’s support for the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Despite his anarcho-communist solutions to political problems, Chomsky’s in-depth critique of American foreign policy remains invaluable. His analysis painstakingly delves into the shadowy geopolitical machinations of the corporate and bankster state. 

Only July 27, Chomsky appeared on Democracy Now! He denounced the Russian influence scam and said there is another country that has far more influence on elections—the state of Israel. He dismissed the entire RussiaGate affair as nothing more than marginalia. 

Israel is the proverbial elephant in the room. Many Americans realize the inordinate influence it has over Congress, the Executive, and the corporate media. Members of Congress understand well enough that if you criticize Israel, you won’t be allowed to run for office. You will be attacked, hounded, and denounced as an anti-Semite if you persist in public criticism of the “only democracy in the Middle East,” which on its face is a brazen lie. If you dare point out Israel is not a democracy—millions of Arabs are not only second or third class citizens, but many are also prisoners in the largest open-air prison camp in the world, which is bombed on a regular basis. 

Israel is a racist, apartheid state. Not even the New York Times and the Washington Post can cover up this fact.

We are paying for this brutality and racism. We have sent billions of dollars to Israel since the state was established in 1948. 

It’s doubtful this will end anytime soon. We now have probably the most pro-Israel president in recent memory. His son-in-law is a Zionist. His campaign was funded in part by Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate who suggested Iran should be on the receiving end of a nuke for its intransigence and refusal to be a client state. 

2 thoughts on “Chomsky, Israel, Marginalia, and the Russian Influence Scam

  1. hi Kurt Nimmo, what do you make of whats happening in Nicaragua?

    Chomsky appearsto be buying the state dept , USAID..line contrary to all the evidence by numerous observers on the ground .

    Chomsky seems to be alleging non existent corruption by Ortega and State violence and repression when as observers have noted the right wing “protesters”supported by US taxpayer money are engaging in most of the violence …. Chomsky’s claims were made on Ford Foundation funded Democracy Now
    cheers and best to you

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