More Russian Election Interference Nonsense

The one-party political class fears competition and hates criticism. That’s basically what the Russian election meddling narrative is all about.

The latest accusation comes from Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford. He told ABC News the political class has to “be very aware that the Russians are trying to be able to interfere in our elections every other way they can to be able to harvest information and then to be able to use that against our democracy.”

This is the standard M.O. of tech companies and social media networks. Facebook has done this for years. It installs a cookie on your computer that tracks were you go on the internet. Facebook and others use this information to target consumers. The information is sold to corporations. 

The largest collector of personal information is the NSA. But we’re not hearing about the threat it poses to “democracy.” 

“Fake news” disseminated by the corporate media—the unofficial propaganda conduit of the state and its owners, the financial elite—is responsible for helping start a war that killed 1.5 million people. 

But that sort of abuse is not on Mr. Lankford’s radar. The state thrives on external enemies—the vast majority created by intelligence agencies—and exploits them to push its agenda, which it calls “democracy.” 

The agenda: endless war to feed the military-security-industrial complex and maintain at all cost the dominance of the bankster fractional reserve scam. It’s the duty of Lankford and his colleagues to keep this system going. They are paid well to do this. Thanks to the beltway gold-gilded revolving door, they will continue to roll in cash after they leave office.  They will do whatever it takes to keep this system in place. 

For Lankford and his buddies “democracy” means the same or similar candidates are vetted and elected to office following “influence” campaigns waged in the media by the Democrat and Republican parties, a long-standing duopolistic political arrangement that continually betrays the American people. 

Mr. Lankford is no different than most of his fellow Congress critters. He’s on the take. His top 20 contributers include Koch Industries, Honeywell, Berkshire Hathaway, Exxon Mobil, and other large corporations that lobby their corporate agendas in the halls of Congress. 

This is the “democracy” Lankford declares he will save from the scourge of Russian predation and influence. 

The real target is alternative, non-corporate, and non-state media. If not for alternative media, social media, and a public fed-up with the political class, Donald Trump probably wouldn’t be president. 

If the Democrat side of the political duopoly—represented by an arrogant and spiteful loser, Hillary Clinton—hadn’t undermined Bernie Sanders and in the process alienated millions of Democrats, she might be president today.

Not that it matters. Trump is doing the business of the financial elite and their corporate partners—the only difference is he’s doing in his inimitable way. He’s resented because he didn’t come up through the ranks, pay dues, and take a solemn oath of allegiance to the banksters and the corporatocracy. He’s a real estate magnate, not a certified member of the political class.

Let’s be honest. The state and its owners don’t like competition. It was Rockefeller who said competition is a sin as he went about carving out a monopolistic empire. Same applies to the political class. It will take down the competition any way it can. 

If the Russian influence ruse wasn’t so obviously a fake it might have worked. The inflated threat of a Soviet attack during the Cold War produced three decades of fantastic profit for the death merchants. The New York Times and the Washington Post sell fear and anxiety to the American people and thus manufacture consensus for a radical expansion of a warfare state. 

This domination of influence and manipulation of consensus is now threatened by a free and open internet and the emergence of an alternative media. 

It is in part responsible for the election of Donald Trump. It allowed Americans to witness the murderous violence of their government—example: WikiLeaks’ release of “Collateral Murder”—and the deep and sustained corruption of the political class revealed by the release of the DNC emails and the malicious destruction of the Bernie Sanders campaign. 

This free exposition of information cannot be allowed to continue. Lankford and his fellow Republicans and Democrats on the other side of the aisle will continue to push the fairy tale of Russian influence and from this will come new “regulations” imposed on media to save out “democracy,” which is not a democracy. It’s a banker-corporate oligarchy dressed up to fool the public. 

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