Trump’s All Cap Iran Tweet: Precursor to War?

The moment president Donald Trump invited the neocon John Bolton to run his foreign policy it was obvious Iran would fall between the crosshairs. Bolton has advocated killing Iranians since his days as US ambassador (unconfirmed) to the UN. 

Last Sunday, Trump threatened Iran and president Rouhani. The Donald felt it was necessary to use all caps to get his message across.

“Senior figures in the [Australian] Turnbull Government have told the ABC they believe the United States is prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear capability, perhaps as early as next month, and that Australia is poised to help identify possible targets,” ABC News reported on Thursday. 

Australia is one of the so-called “Five Eyes” partners in the global surveillance business along with the US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada. Australia’s super-secret joint defense facility at Pine Gap will be used to help select targets in Iran, according to the report. The NSA, CIA, and NRO operate out of Pine Gap. The NSA has codenamed the site RAINFALL. 

The ABC News report says Israel is “anxious” about a possible attack. Considering how many times Israel has begged the US to attack Iran, this anxiousness is likely similar to that experienced by a child at Christmas. 

It was obvious in 2016 Iran would be a target if Trump was elected. 

Casino magnate and Israel-firster Sheldon Adelson threw money at the campaign. Trump’s son in law is close friends with the Lukidnik Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu. The president’s top diplomat is an anti-Iran zealot. His national security adviser is a top neocon who has advocated bombing Iran and killing Iranians for almost two decades. 

Colin Powell characterized the neocons as “fucking crazies” when they were fraudulently selling the illegal invasion of Iraq to the American people. 

Well, the crazies are back.

Or they never really left. 

Iran has always figured large on the neocon hit list. Now Bolton and the Defense of Democracy crowd and their fellow travelers in Congress are finally in a position to do to Iran what they did to Iraq—send the country back to the Stone Age. It’s not about nukes. It’s about taking out the only viable competitor in the Middle East.

As in Iraq this will entail taking out all traces of modernity—electricity, sanitation, water purification, agriculture, hospitals, government institutions, and more. This is what Bush and the neocons targeted in Iraq after the country suffered a raft of medieval sanctions, killing half a million children. 

At this point we’re not certain if this report is reliable. However, we should take into account there is a group of people in high office dedicated to exploiting the military might of the United States to fight wars that benefit Israel and Saudi Arabia. 

Let’s hope this is another false alarm. 

Let’s hope it fizzles like the threat the stable genius made against Rocket Man and the North Koreans. 

3 thoughts on “Trump’s All Cap Iran Tweet: Precursor to War?

  1. ‘It was obvious in 2016 Iran would be a target if Trump was elected.’

    Iran has been ‘targeted’ by the US for 70 years. They’ve endured.

    Hoping is for fools and victims. C’mon Kurt, you can do better.

  2. In politics, they are famous for their distractions. You only get sucked into this nonsense, if you can’t turn off the television.

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