Massacre in Las Vegas: No, Stephen Paddock wasn’t with ISIS

I have a bone to pick with Wayne Allyn Root over at Gateway Pundit. 

Mr. Root believes the Islamic State may have pulled off the worst mass shooting in US history last October in Las Vegas. 

Root reaches this conclusion by saying the Islamic State is involved in money laundering and child porn, two areas the purported shooter, Stephen Paddock, was allegedly involved in. 

As Root says in his Gateway Pundit post, a good detective doesn’t discount anything. He follows all leads. If a lead results in a dead end, the lead is either discounted or put on the back burner until sufficient evidence is available. 

I’m certain the Islamic State wasn’t behind the shooting. It is known the take credit for terror attacks it had nothing to do with. Claiming responsibility for Las Vegas would be a good PR move. 

The Islamic State was designed to scare the shit out of Americans and move them to accept a police state and the cessation if not elimination of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ISIS would have immediately claimed responsibility for this horrific act of mass murder. It’s their M.O. It’s how they get their brand name out there. It wouldn’t pull off an attack like this without a big social media rollout claiming responsibility. 

I believe something quite different, although like Mr. Root I can’t prove it. 

Steven Paddock was a patsy. He had nothing to do with killing 58 people and leaving an astounding 851 injured. As Root notes, Paddock was in his mid-60s, had no military training. He was incapable of carrying out the attack. He had no reason to murder nearly 60 people. We’re expected to believe he suddenly went toxic and decided to kill dozens of people, although there is no history of violence and the only crimes he committed were traffic violations. 

I believe the government or elements within the government are responsible for this attack. 

Why kill dozens of people? What’s the point? 

First and foremost, order out of chaos. 

What does this mean? It means the state and its proxies manufacture crisis and chaos. This is done in order to impose “solutions” that further empower and move the agenda along. 

What is the agenda?

Total control, not only of people but also economic systems and resources. This can only be accomplished through fear and terror. It only works effectively when people ask to be dominated and manipulated—or if they don’t care enough to resist (apathy is another component)—same as they did after the false flag attack of September 11. 

Operation Gladio—creating terror groups to kill citizens (including heads of government, like former Italian PM Aldo Moro)—is the template. Gladio was cooked up by the CIA and NATO. It’s excuse was to act as a stay behind army to fight a Soviet invasion of Europe. Gladio’s real mission was to neutralize disfavored political groups—socialists, communists, any group that may pose a serious political threat—and to accomplish this it killed people and blamed it on the Red Brigades and other manufactured leftist groups. Following the revelations of Italian judge Felice Casson, the only logical conclusion is that the Red Brigades terror group was created by the military secret service SID (Servizio Informazioni Difesa) in conjunction with L’Ordine Nuovo (The New Order), a fascist group. 

This template in a different context was used by US military intelligence to unleash what would later become the Islamic State. It was incubated in Iraq by the sketchy character Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. For the Pentagon, the insurgency against US occupation in Iraq was a testing ground for numerous false flag and psychological operations. The Pentagon admitted it turned al-Zarqawi into a hugely inflated super-terrorist. The Pentagon was also looking forward to an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria, as its own documents prove. 

In America, there is a long history of subversion and subterfuge. Both the FBI and the CIA conducted infiltration and neutralization operations against the so-called New Left, the civil rights movement, and later groups promoting ethnic nationalism, including racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan. COINTELPRO and Operation Chaos are documented fact and there is evidence such activity continues today.

Even the New York Times admits the FBI sets up patsies in fake terror busts. For some reason it is impossible for esteemed and learned journalists to take the next logical step—admit the government routinely invents terror and uses it basically the same way it was used in Operation Gladio. NSA mass surveillance, airport and bus station Gestapo shock troops, militarized police, and obscene military and intelligence budgets (much of the latter black) wouldn’t be possible without the engineered murder of 3,000 people in New York and Washington. 

Some believe the Paddock mystery shooting—and others less lethal—was a false flag to be used as a pretext to confiscate firearms. This is part of the plan. 

However, I believe the primary objective is sow discord and conflict—our current insane political climate is a good example—and mass shootings are now an important element that drives home the point: America is coming apart at the seams—socially, economically, and politically. 

I believe routine mass shootings and periodic terror events are tools used by the state and its owners—the financial elite and their leashed and bribed political class—to accomplish its long stated objective: total and absolute control of the planet and its bounty of natural and human resources. 

It’s not the Islamic State. 

There will never be a motive for what Stephen Paddock allegedly did last October. 

Lee Harvey Oswald had a government contrived back story that portrayed him as a communist handing out Free Cuba flyers in New Orleans. He claimed to be a Marxist, lived in the Soviet Union, had a Russian wife. 

No such back story is required now. 

By and large, the American people accept without question the explanations handed down from on-high—even absurd ones like a Stephen Paddock taking out his bad gambling luck in a violent fit of motiveless rage on the public. 

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