The Terminator Speaks: Trump Sold Out America to Russia

I missed the Trump-Putin summit. 

I haven’t had cable television for over a decade, so I wasn’t able to tune in even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I could have watched clips on the internet, but didn’t bother. 

This morning social media is glutted with posts about the summit. 

My favorite chunk of mindless nonsense came from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie says the Donald sold out to Vladimir Putin. The Terminator called Trump a “little wet noodle” and said he should have recreated Ronald Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” moment. 

It is not surprising dim bulb Republicans like the former governor of California cannot see the forest for the trees. Arnie is apparently unable to engage in critical thinking. 

First and foremost, there is no evidence Russia adversely affected the 2016 election. The clickbait and phishing campaign by a Russian company is not tantamount the Russian government hacking the election, if such were even possible.

Arnie and the Democrats seem to believe Facebook ads and deceptive clickbait have the ability to turn Americans into Trump voters. Is it possible Putin cast a voodoo spell on America and this drove useful idiot Americans to the polls—not exactly in numbers, but enough to flip the now reviled electoral system in the Donald’s favor?

Schwarzenegger likes strong leaders. In 1975 he expressed admiration for Hitler. He probably got this from his father. Gustav Schwarzenegger was an Austrian police chief and a member of the Nazi party. 

From Arnie’s autobiography: “I philosophized that only a few men are born to lead, while the rest of humanity is born to follow, and went from that into discussing history’s great conquerors and dictators.” 

That was then, this is now.

Arnie is a captive of Hollywood. It’s true, he’s a Republican, and his political ideas are contrary to those of the Hollywood elite. However, trashing Trump and accusing him of treason makes Arnie somewhat more palatable to the glitterati, if only for the moment. He will go back to being a pariah soon enough. 

The Terminator was born to lead, as he did in California for two terms, while the rest of us were born to follow. In other words, our plutonian overlords know best and we shouldn’t question their supreme wisdom, never mind the lies and manipulation. 

For Arnie, it’s all about coming off as a strong leader. Trump is old, overweight, and has public speaking issues. He’s no Ronald Reagan, a polished B actor who knew how to read a script and make it sound like it really was Morning in America. 

It’s plainly obvious Donald Trump is a disaster. It’s also obvious he sucks up to the same insiders and globalists as Democrats. His administration is packed with insiders, CFR operatives, and Goldman Sachs alumni. John Bolton is his righthand man on foreign policy. He rails against the “deep state” (who in his book are Democrats), never mind the insiders continue the agenda despite the hysterical rhetoric, as they always have. Trump’s pointless battles with Democrats and liberal critics—the venom is at record levels—provide an effective cover for the elite. We are too busy with bread and circuses and brawls in the political mosh pit. 

Trump and his dwindling reserve of faithful going head to head with collectivist Democrats and progressives who want free stuff is now the only show—no matter what channel you’re on. 

The effort to get rid of Trump—even imprison or assassinate him—tops the chart of information entertainment. It will continue to block out everything of importance for the foreseeable future, at least up to the 2020 election, that is if Trump doesn’t suffer impeachment under false pretense or worse. 

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