Meathead in Wonderland

Rob Reiner, affectionately known as Meathead, is traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, a dimension where Russians skulk in the shadows and plot the destruction of our “democracy.”

Here’s a recent tweet by Mr. Reiner.

I do believe Meathead has found the rabbit hole. 

In the Wonderland of Hollywood’s making Donald Trump is in cahoots with Russians. He takes orders directly from Vladimir Putin. 

There is zero evidence of this, but that’s not really a problem. As Hitler knew, if you tell the Big Lie long enough, people begin to believe it. 

In the Hollywood slash CNN-MSNBC hall of mirrors, anything is possible, even a phantom attack that turns out to be—upon closer examination, sans hysteria and Trump derangement syndrome—nothing more than a clickbait operation.

Russians didn’t put Trump in office. That was left up to pissed off Americans sick and tired of a political class that takes them for granted, robs them blind, and chips away at their constitutional rights. 

It’s true. If not for the electoral college Hillary Clinton would be president. Now Democrats want to get rid of that election system. The electoral college wasn’t an issue when Obama won, or Bill Clinton. It’s only a problem when faux Republicans like party switcher Trump get in there. 

It was Hillary’s turn. Bill and Hillary made a deal. First he would be president, and then she would. In a few years Bill’s daughter—or maybe she’s Webb Hubbell’s daughter—will extend the dynasty into a Democrat dominated future. 

The Trump collusion fantasy is all Rob “Meathead” (Archie Bunker was right) Reiner and the Democrats have. It doesn’t matter to Hollywood and Washington Democrats that the whole affair is absurd and minus a leg to stand on. 

I’m not worried about democracy hating Russians. I’m worried about Clinton, Trump, and a corrupt political class that answers to and does the bidding of financial and corporate oligarchs. This situation remains in place no matter the party affiliation of the guy behind the teleprompter. 

The same CFR, Trilateral, and Goldman Sachs “advisers” run the executive—and Congress and state legislators—regardless of the man or woman in the White House. Trump handed over the Treasury to a Goldie. His cabinet is stacked with insiders, including one of the world’s most scurrilous neocons, John Bolton. Trump praises the apartheid state of Israel, same as Democrats. He has continued Obama’s wars, which are Bush’s wars. Trump picked up where Obama left off in Africa and the Middle East. 

But this doesn’t bother Democrats. They’re blindsided by their hatred of Trump and his staff, the latter now stalked and harangued as they eat dinner. They will continue to push the debunked Russian collusion and election hacking bedtime story. They desperately cling to it because they have nothing else, nothing substantive to bring down a president that mocks their loss at every turn. 

It’s all part of the three ring circus and mosh pit that is American politics. The Rob Reiners and Roseanne Barrs will continue to squabble, trade insults, and by this activity continue to obfuscate real issues of importance to all Americans—an asset bubble economy ready to implode, endless wars dissolving our treasure, and a move toward a one world government that will reduce all but the anointed to lives of poverty, want, serfdom, and desperation. 

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3 thoughts on “Meathead in Wonderland

  1. You really nail it. I finally found someone that spells out the truth in black and white. Just one minor disagreement with your blog today. You stated that Mr. Trump was elected by Americans fed up with the Political Class. While on the surface it looks like that to most people. In fact he was selected for us. By a Media who wasted no time character assassinating all candidates except Clinton and Trump and by giving him 24/7 exposure while ensuring that the other 17 candidates got almost no airtime during the campaign. And by the real powers (the banking military industrial complex and Israel) behind the curtain that own him.

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