Senate Accepts Trump Russian Collusion Fairy Tale as Fact

It’s official.

Donald Trump colluded with Russia to fix the election. This is now set in stone despite a complete lack of evidence anything of the kind actually happened. It’s accepted by the “intelligence community” and the Senate. Even President Trump believes—or says—the Russians had something to do with influencing the election, defeating Hillary Clinton, and sending millions of liberal Americans into panic attacks and other mental disorders. 

“As numerous intelligence and national security officials in the Trump administration have since unanimously re-affirmed, the (Intelligence Community Assessment’s) findings were accurate and on point,” declared committee Vice Chairman and Democrat Mark Warner.

“The Russian effort was extensive and sophisticated, and its goals were to undermine public faith in the democratic process, to hurt Secretary Clinton (Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton) and to help Donald Trump,” Warner said.

As we now know, a Russian company is responsible for flooding social media with clickbait. The idea was to make money, not get Trump elected. There wasn’t a political agenda. They exploited politics across the board in search of clicks and hits. 

Its true. The Russian government props up the RT news channel. The alphabet networks here are not outright owned by the government. Even so, they are in the business of reading from government scripts. Media honchos meet with government insiders during Bilderberg. They’re members of the CFR and other globalist clubs that plot policy. 

Putin and the Russians understand that no matter who enters the White House, most policies—especially foreign policy—remain the same. Trump has demonstrated over and over he’s not out to drain the swamp and close down illegal military operations abroad. His enshrined cause—closing the border and sending illegal immigrants back to where they came from—is going nowhere in Congress. His major achievement to date is awarding the Pentagon with a huge infusion of debt dollars. 

Trump has continued and expanded the wars. He is working with the Saudis to kill Yemenis. His enthusiasm for Israel has resulted in the apartheid government of that tiny country aggressively moving to kill more Palestinians in Gaza and annexing what remains of the West Bank. 

The Democrat side of one party rule shares an affinity with Trump—they support the concept of never ending war, a police state at home, and kowtowing to a financial elite that is politically ambidextrous. So long as establishment Democrats and Republicans are in control, the show will go on. Trump, like Reagan before him, talked the talk on the campaign trail, but once in office it was business as usual. 

It’s personal for establishment Democrats. Hillary Clinton was scheduled to ascend the throne, not the outlier megalomaniac Donald Trump. The same foreign policy—and indeed the policy of separating children at the border—is essentially a continuation of Obama’s policies. His administration also separated children, they just didn’t chest thump about it like Trump. It went on quietly behind the scenes while Obama talked about inclusion, diversity, and identity. 

Ditto the wars. Eight years of Obama erased dissent. Many former Democrat peaceniks became reformulated neocons. They cheered as Obama killed Libyans and Syrians. Illegal wars and crimes against humanity became humanitarianism under Obama, as they were under Bill Clinton. 

While the Bush neocons usually dispensed with such theatrics, they claimed invasions, sanctions, and the murder of children were worth it. They told us “creative destruction” creates democracy.

Meanwhile, we sat on the sideline as spectators while they did terrible things.

That’s the crux. We are plebs and spectators, unable to determine our own destiny as a nation. The state continues to pretend it is our representative as it serves the interest of transnational banks and corporations and chips away our bedrock of liberty as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.  

Russiagate is a distraction. It’s partisan warfare promoted by the establishment media with its wall-to-wall anti-Trump propaganda. The establishment will tell whatever fairy tales it must—even if a large number of Americans refuse to accept lies as truth—as part of the effort to unseat the outsider, the uninvited braggart, the reality star president who lashes out viciously at his detractors on Twitter. 

Liberals are similar to “Better Dead than Red” Republicans in the 1950s. They support confrontation with Russia. They support US and NATO troops pushed up against her border, saber-rattling with Patriot missiles and war games.  They’re convinced Putin is the new Hitler. It doesn’t occur to them that such rhetoric and behavior, which naturally escalates, may ultimately result in their extinction. 

But never mind. The DNC resistance now has renewed wind in its sails. It will push hard—even in the street with Antifa sincerity—to take down this president. 

Not that it matters. President Pence will pick up where Trump left off. 

This is how it works. Even with flames licking at the edges of the political facade, threatening to fully expose the inner workings of the elite, the game continues without significant interruption. Once again, Americans demonstrate their political naivety. They continue to believe leaders and parties will save them from a catastrophe the elite has set in motion. 

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