Grand Distraction in Portland: Antifa Attacks Patriot Prayer

Let’s take a look at the latest Antifa riot. 

It happened in Portland, Oregon. Members of Patriot Prayer—the propaganda media describe the group as “far-right”—were attacked by a violent “anti-fascist” squad during a “freedom rally” demonstration. 

The “fascists” didn’t start the riot. That’s the responsibility of Antifa. They threw eggs, water bottles, and firecrackers at members of Patriot Prayer exercising their right to demonstrate. Police confiscated utility knives and chemical sprays. 

The founder of Patriot to Prayer, Joey Gibson, has complained in the past white supremacists and nationalists have infiltrated the group and initiated violence against Antifa and other counter protesters. He has publicly denounced fascism, but this hasn’t stopped Antifa from attacking the group. 

If we can believe news reports, Patriot Prayer attracts racists and white nationalists. Are they attracted by the group’s ideology—its stated aim is support for the First Amendment—or is something else going on? 

I’m going out on a limb here. I don’t have evidence, merely speculation. I believe white nationalists and supremacists are assets exploited by the state. There is a history of this. Under COINTELPRO in the 1960s, the FBI took control of many Ku Klux Klan groups and klaverns. They were used by the government to attack the real threat—the antiwar and civil rights movements. 

Then there is Hal Turner. The “far right” and allegedly racist radio host Turner was on the government payroll. He was arrested after he deviated from the script and threatened federal judges. 

The Church Committee hearings in the 1970s revealed how the government infiltrated groups on the right and left. The Pike Committee accused the FBI of racism for its activity with the Klan. FBI informant Gary Thomas Rowe revealed the FBI had leaked information to the Klan on the activity of the Freedom Riders who were subsequently attacked in Birmingham, Alabama. Rowe bragged about killing a black man during a demonstration in 1963. He was accused of participating in terror attacks, including planting shrapnel bombs in black neighborhoods. 

There is scant evidence Antifa is controlled by the government. Antifa is short for Anti-fascist Action. It’s original members came from Red Action, a group of radicals expelled from the Socialist Workers Party, and the Direct Action Movement, a group of anarcho-syndicalists in Britain. 

The government has a good track record of infiltrating political groups across the board, so I cannot discount the possibility Antifa is at least partially compromised. The Anti-Defamation League and others have urged the government to infiltrate the group and document their violent antics. 

Less radical leftists have praised the group for “confronting fascists.” 

For Antifa, conservatives are fascist, as are Donald Trump and his supporters. Trump, of course, isn’t a fascist and his supporters are not marching around in brown shirts beating and murdering leftists. They’re not calling for Lebensraum in South Central or Chicago’s Southside. 

If the left believes Trump is a fascist—even Hitler—they should find a history book and read about the real fascists, Hitler and Mussolini. There is little comparison between German and Italian ultranationalism and the pretend version Trump used as a magic rug when he floated into office.  

If Antifa really wanted to fight fascism, they would attack the corporate state. Its top-down, central command authoritarianism is the closest thing we have to genuine fascism. Instead, it attacks entirely marginal groups and individuals out on the fringe of the political spectrum in addition to those identified as the New Right or Alt-right. The corporate media has done a fair job of conflating Trump inspired Make America Great Again nationalism and white nationalism.

The Portland riot is the latest effort by the state to portray its political enemies as violent and dangerous. It also serves as a grand distraction, one played up by a corporate propaganda media pushing narratives manufactured by the state. 

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  1. I have no doubt that antifa is a state manufactured group. There are a lot of little things adding up to suggest as such. Yeah, they’re full of it, acting out a script.

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