Milo Yiannopoulos Did the Annapolis Shooting

He didn’t, of course.

He might as well have. Within an hour or two of the shooting at the newspaper in Maryland, liberals were placing the blame on the Alt-right provocateur. 

Milo brought this upon himself. He said the other day he can’t wait for vigilantes to start killing journalists. 

I’m not a Milo Yiannopoulos fan. He’s not a political activist. He’s a media performer like so many other New Right personalities. Milo loves the attention. The only way he is certain to get it is to say outrageous things. 

He really did it this time. 

So far there is no motive in this crime. The suspect does not have fingerprints. The authorities don’t yet know who he is. He is not cooperating. It looks like this could be another Las Vegas—which inextricably remains a motiveless crime. 

For now.

In the meantime, let’s take down Milo Yiannopoulos. It’s not enough the stalk people and harass them when they’re eating at a restaurant—or leaving a dead animal carcass on their doorstep—but to accuse them of inciting murder, that’s a new low.

I don’t believe prancing around before the cameras and contributing to the nastiness of a contrived conflict between political factions can be defined as activism. 

But who knows? Milo may love the attention, even if there might be consequences for his speech, which there shouldn’t be. Milo didn’t shoot out the door at that newspaper and begin systematically killing journalists. 

Mr. X did. 

And even if Mr. X had heard Mr. Yiannopoulos say vigilantes should track down journalists and kill them, and it now appears Mr. X. did something similar, it isn’t Mr. Yiannopoulos’ fault. He has no control over what other people do. 

But never mind. Rational political discussion is nearly an endangered species. 

If MSNBC and CNN decide to conflate Yiannopoulos and Mr. X, then it’s a big win in the fairy land of lies, same as the now threadbare accusation-turned-fact Putin and the Russians flipped the election with fake news. 


Burning off your fingerprints, that’s old school. Mr. X. has been identified through facial recognition.

Another Addendum

It turns out the shooter—now identified as Jarrod Ramos—had a beef with the newspaper and like far too many people these days decided to respond with deadly violence. 

It’s also reported that NBC and CNN misled by saying the guy had mutilated fingerprints. Police refute this. 

It has nothing to do with Milo Yiannopoulos.

I suspect his enemies will continue to say he’s responsible. In the post 2016 election world all manner of fantasy stories—easily debunked as hogwash—have the ability to become established reality. 

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