One thought on “Manufactured Civil War Comes to America

  1. Kurt, I’m sorry, but when I hit the part about Mao “killing millions”, I had to quit, sick to my stomach. This is a bunch of shit. You’ve swallowed so much right-wing propaganda so uncritically — with some of it being regurgitated in this vid — that I’m at a loss where to begin. So I won’t. Too much work. Except to say: start reading. Start reading some real, non-bourgeois non-fascist-inspired history. Start reading real voices on the left — Andre Vltchek, Caleb Maupin, Chomsky, and many others. Educate yourself. I fear that all those years in the belly of that shallow fake populist right fear-monger bullshit-artist (Alex Jones) had a very bad effect on your mind. Sorry to say, but that’s how I see it. And what is sad is that you’re better than that. PS: that miserable lying piece of shit SHS deserves to be kicked out of every restaurant and every other public place in the land. And I say that knowing full well that SOME of the forces arrayed against Trump are worse than Trump. But that doesn’t make Trump and his orbiters any more defensible.

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