Poof. There Goes the Mueller Investigation

The corporate media is reporting intrepid crusader Robert Mueller is preparing to do a Pontius Pilate on his special council investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign. 

According to WaPo, Mueller has beefed up his team with a number of prosecutors and the job of prosecuting Russian nationals for supposedly influencing the 2016 election will be fobbed off on them. 

“The Post reports that the new hires are the first indication of Mueller preparing for the end of his investigation,” WaPo reported. 

The Trump component is in the process of performing a disappearing act in slow motion. The investigation petered out months ago. Democrats continued to pound on it. Because it’s all they have. The establishment Resistance run by Pelosi and Schumer is treading water and looking toward the midterms. 

It’s like simple math. There is no evidence Trump or his associates colluded with Putin and the Russians to somehow—through the exaggerated influence of social media—throw the election in his favor. 

This nonsense was dispelled early on. 

It’s true. Enterprising Russians ran a lucrative clickbait scheme on social media—just like hundreds of other entrepreneurs. It took the the Democrats—fresh off a humiliating defat to a casino and real estate windbag—to make up a fantasy deserving of a novel discount bin.  

Establishment Dems counted on the corporate media to whip up the required hysteria and frenzy among already hysterical and frenzied liberals,. Many apparently sought trauma counseling after the election. 

Even with the media lavishing coverage on the Mueller investigation, it has failed to do much of anything except get Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and others in trouble—not for working under Putin’s direction to get the MAGA candidate elected, but for alleged bank fraud and violation of campaign finance laws. 

This is pretty routine stuff in Washington.

Mueller doesn’t have a case and he knows it. Now he will save face by passing off the investigation to underlings. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us get respite—until the next drummed up load of horse manure masquerading as high crimes and misdemeanors appears on the scene. 

Not to worry. There are always stories of political intrigue to fascinate the proles—for fifteen minutes at least—and distract from the real issues: endless war and a bankster rigged economy slowly turning America into a third world cesspool. 

I am celebrating this decision. 

I am celebrating that it will mostly disappear from the news cycle. I am celebrating petulant Democrats suffering another defeat and also celebrating denying self-righteous Republicans a chance to climb up on their soapboxes. 

Of course, they’ll come up with something else, they always do. 

The establishment political class is not about to stop rolling out distractions that are poorly planned political theater stunts that could use better writing and managerial skills. 

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25 thoughts on “Poof. There Goes the Mueller Investigation

  1. Perfect! I am planning to forward to those not yet brainwashed enough to take in the truth….

  2. Or maybe we can surmise the Trump investigation has been hung up because it’s no longer needed. Look at it from this angle. They used the drummed up charges as a message to Trump. “This is us playing softball. Would you like us to kick it up a notch?” Since Trump wasn’t in the club. That club Gingrich mentioned, they needed confidence he was on board with ‘the big plan.’

    Trump demonstrated his fealty by bombing Syria, not questioning a variety of staged mass shootings while promoting the official story, selling the hoax garbage known as human space travel (sorry, you’ve been sold a bill of goods for the past 60+ years but scammed billions of dollars) and fear of non-existence nuclear weapons (yes, another hoax involving billions of dollars. Do your reading!)

    Now that they’ve got him under their thumb, they can allow him to continue the Presidency without serious challenges. Thus, no longer a need to keep dogging him [as much] in the media. All they need him to do now is sign an anti-gun bill. That will make his membership in “the Club” complete.

    Oh, North Korea? They are about to get rolled into the Rothschild banking scheme. The people of North Korea will have him to thank for the next … well.. eternity.

  3. What load of crap. More phony propaganda from the corrupt right. The brainwashed idiots who get their “news” from watching Fox and Friends don’t know how prosecutors work. Trump will be the last one indicted. You can bet they have him on charges of obstruction and money laundering at this time. What is pathetic is that close to 1/3 of our country supports a lying thief as our Con in Chief. Just sad.

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