Yulia Skripal: Double, Brainwashed, or Threatened? 

yulia skripal

Yulia Skripal has appeared in a video. From the Independent on Thursday: 

She was filmed at an anonymous park-like location, reading a handwritten statement about her plight. In substance, what she said added almost nothing to the two statements issued by the Metropolitan Police in her name before. But the whole short recording was crucial in the messages it was designed to send—to the British, Russian and international public.

Yulia Skripal—or a double (with convincing tracheotomy scar)—was rolled out to put an end to widespread speculation the British government is keeping her and her father against their will or disposed of them.

There are a slew of unanswered questions in this politically motivated incident—from Sergei Skripal’s relationship with British intelligence to the miracle of surviving what is said to be one of the world’s deadliest nerve agents.

Russia claims the agent involved was BZ (3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate), described as a “psycho-chemical,” not a deadly nerve agent. 

“Many are wondering how the pair survived exposure to one of the deadliest nerve agents on the planet, as a 1mm drop is the lethal dose—about the size of a small drop of rain,” noted Zero Hedge. 

Theresa May and the British government have faced tough questions about the Skripals and their whereabouts. In the video Yulia says—or somebody claiming to be her says—she wants to return home to Russia. And yet refuses to talk with the Russian embassy.

The British government benefits from the Skripal video. It can now say Yulia is alive and point to remarks about her father and his recovery. It will now dismiss all questions about the intelligence op to frame Russia as nothing more than a baseless conspiracy theory and fake news. 

In April it was reported the CIA wanted to relocate Sergei and Yulia Skripal to America where they would assume new identities. It is interesting to note this offer to relocate only included the so-called “five eyes” countries, those in intelligence partnerships with the CIA, NSA, and the intelligence community in the United States. 

It is unlikely Yulia Skripal will return home where she might abe able to tell her side of the story. The video is a parting shot for a rather shabbily orchestrated intelligence op. 

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  1. Has anyone theorized – or investigated to determine whether or not – that Yulia and Sergei Skripal willingly participated in the false flag, the “tracheotomy scar” was the result of an unnecessary incision and immediate closing of the wound, and that Yulia never underwent a tracheotomy, but was scarred for the purpose of completing the deception?

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