The Libyan Model Suicide Note

Kim Jung-un was upset. Trump’s VP Mike Pence made an indelicate reference to the Libyan Model. It wasn’t a good sign following John Bolton’s use of the term. The corporate propaganda media mentioned denuclearization, but left alone “we came, we saw, he died,” Hillary Clinton’s psychopathic take on Caesar in response to Gaddafi’s brutal murder. 

Kim’s not an idiot. He responded to Pence by cancelling the much ballyhooed summit with Trump. Kim knows what the Libya Models means. He saw the grisly photos of a bloodied Gaddafi corpse. He also saw the photos of US soldiers pulling a bearded and bewildered Saddam Hussein from a hole. Never mind the veracity of those photos, the message they sent is all that matters. 

Resist and you will be forced to live in a hole. You will be raped with a knife and left to bleed out. That’s the message sent to Kim by Bolton and Pence. That’s what the Libyan Model is all about. 

Kim has two choices. 1. Denuclearize and allow the US to poke into every nook and cranny looking for an excuse to impose even more draconian sanctions, or 2. tell Trump, Bolton, and Pence to bugger off and face the consequences—fire and fury, the death of millions.

Both options lead to the same place—the destruction of North Korea, the murder of Kim, and extended misery for the people of Korea, North and South. 

It’s said Trump one-upped Kim by cancelling the summit. Now Kim will come crawling back and beg for a summit. This is foreign policy strategy by way of narcissism and megalomania. It wouldn’t look good for Trump if Kim cancelled the summit following Pence’s remarks, you don’t do that to the exceptional and indispensable nation. 

The summit is a joke. Kim knows it, so does Trump. Nothing meaningful will come from it. Both sides know it will fail. Only an idiot would give up his right to self defense after what Bolton and Pence said. The Libyan Model is a suicide note. 

North Korea is fishing for an angle. It allowed the propaganda media to witness firsthand the destruction of its nuclear test site—a site that had collapsed and is no longer of use, except as a selling point for the summit. It looks good after Kim and Moon Jae-in held hands in public. 

This could go on for awhile. Planned summits, cancelled summits. Harsh words, pejoratives, then half-ass reconciliation as the media buzzes around like flies at a buzzard kill. 

North Korea and the Iran are not a threat to the United States. 

In order to believe this, you have to believe they have lost their minds and jointly signed suicide notes. Both know attacking the US will result in failed state status. The Libya Model is about failed states, the promotion of ethnic, religious, and tribal sectarianism, balkanization, installing preferred clients, and the proliferation of ever more murderous terrorists incubated in CIA and British intelligence labs. 

It’s not about saving the world from nuclear terror. Few seem to see the irony in the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons—exclusively on civilians—calling for denuclearization.

It’s not about nukes, it’s about conquest and defeating any challenge to dominion. It’s about control and new and lucrative adventures for the merchants of death. 

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  1. The best option for North Korea is to privately work with the South. Then kick out the American troops. Neither nation need fall for the hoax that are nuclear weapons. They are just a money pit designed to squirrel away black budget monies and terrorize nations.

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