Israel Needs Your Help to Get WWIII Going

It looks like Bibi Netanyahu and the Israeli Likudites—after all these years of pushing—will finally get their war. 

Naturally, they are seeking US support. They can’t do this on their own. It’s too big of a job, same as taking out Saddam Hussein and Iraq. 

Here’s how it will probably play out. 

Israel will do something to finally force the Iranians to react and this will be fully exploited to get a war going. Israel is infamous for this sort of behavior. It has engaged in border provocations, illegal airstrikes—like those now underway in Syria—and various false flags, including plotting to attack America, its supposed best friend, with the Lavon Affair in the 1950s. It also attacked the USS liberty with unmarked aircraft, killing 34 Americans. This was covered up by President Lyndon Johnson and his Secretary of State Robert McNamara. 

Israel has already started its war. It has bombed Syria on numerous occasions and is killing dozens of unarmed Palestinians for the crime of protesting their long-term incarceration in the world’s largest open-air prison, the military occupation, and against Israel blocking the right of return. 

Most American are oblivious to this horror despite the fact they are paying for it to the tune of $3.8 billion a year. 

This slow-motion genocide is supported by the Trump administration, which is nearly as Israel-centric as the neocon-infested Bush administration. 

The racist Likudites managed to get the Bush administration to take out Iraq and the Obama administration—while not infested with neocon vermin, but rather “humanitarian interventionists”—took care of another thorn in Israel’s side, Libya, and got things rolling in Syria. 

Now it’s Iran’s turn. 

Former tank commander and CIA boss Pompeo, Nikki the Viking Queen, the mustachioed neocon John Bolton, and a cast of lessers are fully behind the coming war. 

Netanyahu and crew will certainly make their fellow citizens pay a big price for this new war. Hezbollah has thousands of new rockets and missiles and claim they can reach Dimona in the Negev in southern Israel. That’s where Israel’s nuclear research center is. All of Israel is now within reach and its Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 2, etc., defense systems will not make much of a difference. The coming war will make the 2006 war with Hezbollah look like a Sunday outing. 

It will spell disaster, not only for Israel, but the United States as well. After Israel gets the war going—false flag provocation as of yet undetermined—the entire region will erupt. The US will be fighting in Iraq and Syria, as well as Lebanon, and Iran. The Taliban might exploit the chaos to get a new offensive going in Afghanistan. This will break the US military and may be the final event that topples the asset bubble and funny money US economy. 

Who to blame? 

Israel, first, and second the geopolitical imbecile Donald Trump who allowed the likes of John Bolton into his administration. He also took advice from his Zionist son-in-law. 

After the smoke clears, the economy lays smoldering in ruin, and the flag-draped coffins start coming home, it will be up to the American people to bring those to justice who are responsible. 

Problem is, I don’t think they’re up to the task. 

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One thought on “Israel Needs Your Help to Get WWIII Going

  1. John Bolton, like his predecessor Herbert McMaster, is a member of the Rockefeller CFR. Why would Trump select CFR members as his advisors? Why did he appoint CFR member Jerome Powell to replace CFR member Janet Yellen as Fed chairman?

    Surely he knows that the CFR represents the “globalists” he claims to oppose. The Trump Tower in New York is located less than a mile from the CFR Pratt House headquarters.

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