A Facebook Psychological Operation Against Syrian Girl?

Syrian Girl, aka Mimi Al Laham, tweeted earlier today about what amounts to a psychological operation at Facebook.


During Mark Zuckerberg’s grilling by Congress in regard to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, he promised the political class he will do more to go after “fake news,” that is to say news that doesn’t jive with official narratives.

“It’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well. That goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy,” Zuckerberg said in the prepared remarks.

CNN Tech reported on April 9:

While the hearings were called to address data privacy, they will likely also serve as forums to address broader concerns about Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation and enabling election meddling.

Zuckerberg will acknowledge that Facebook was “too slow” in spotting and responding to “Russian interference” on its platform during the 2016 election.

Facebook currently estimates that about 126 million people may have been served content associated with a Kremlin-linked troll farm as well as another 20 million on Instagram.

“I don’t want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy,” Zuckerberg said in the remarks. “That’s not what we stand for.”

If it’s true Facebook allowed a fake account discrediting Syrian Girl—a fake account either produced by Facebook, the government, or a troublemaker third party—to replace her legitimate account, it’s a precursor of things to come.

Alternative media, journalists, researchers can expect to be falsely represented and thus discredited in addition to having their feeds routed off to the lowest and deepest realms of social media.

This is precisely what the state did during its infamous COINTELPRO operation in the 1950s and 60s. They discredited people—even got a few killed—by producing fake material attributed to activists. A famous example is the Black Panther Coloring Book.

There is only one viable solution.

Get the hell off Facebook.

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  1. Reblogged this on The Triweekly Antifeminist and commented:
    Keeping a tab on the tactics employed by our enemies is always important. Deleting someone’s real FB and replacing it with a fake one is but one tactic among many that they may use against us. Your working assumption should be that Mark Zuckerberg is Mark Spookerberg.

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