Nikki Haley: King Trump Hasn’t Decided to Bomb Syria Yet

According to Trump’s United Nations ambassador, the King has yet to decide what to bomb and when.

That’s right. I called Donald Trump a king. Only kings and other potentates decide without consultation or permission to invade other countries.

War is to be declared by Congress. But we don’t follow the Constitution anymore. The United States hasn’t constitutionally declared war since the Second World War. All the other wars—Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq (twice), Libya, Syria, and a number of other lesser conflicts—are unconstitutional violations of the law.

The establishment propaganda media files reports portraying Trump as King of the United States.

From Politico:

Earlier this week the president appeared to announce plans of a missile strike by warning Russia, an ally to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, to “get ready.” But White House officials soon scaled back the remarks, with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders telling reporters Wednesday that the president had not made any “final decisions” yet on Syria. Trump had said on Monday that he would decide on plans for a response to a suspected poison gas attack near Damascus by Tuesday or Wednesday.

He doesn’t have the right to make “final decisions” on attacking Syria without a formal declaration of war from Congress and the American people.

It’s illegal.

But I repeat myself.

Let’s stop pretending we will live in a democracy—or for that matter, a constitutional republic, which hardly anyone mentions anymore—and admit the United States is an autocratic empire, Congress a rubber stamp, and the American people sheep to be fleeced, ignored (expect during rigged elections), and abused by a predatory government run by psychopaths who believe they have the divine right to bomb other countries into submission.

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